Brass Crescent Awards

The 6th Annual Brass Crescent Awards are open for voting. There are some really impressive writers that are on the list. I was actually surprised to see my blog nominated, especially since I haven’t been posting much. But I am not surprised to see my husband’s blog nominated for Best Design and Best Writing. He has done some great work for the Philadelphia community and his writing, masha’Allah, reflects his intellectual and community endeavors. I think some of his finest work is on the Ma’rifah blog. This year is also bittersweet because we now have a category for best retired blog. There are some writers who I dearly miss, but I hope one day that their thoughts will find some place in history on a dusty book shelf somewhere. I say that because I am fond of bookshelves.
On another note, outside the major slide into fitnah and backbiting that we experienced last year, there has been some positive developments in the blogosphere. With sites such as MuslimMatters and Muslimah Media Watch, we have some great collaborative work. When you combine their resources with the likes of Suhaib Webb’s blog and numerous others, the future of blogistan looks pretty bright. It really humbles me to be included among these heavy hitters. I hope that one day I can rise to the occasion and someday prove worthy of such high consideration.