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Margari Aziza Hill is co-founder and Programming  Director of Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC), assistant editor at AltM, and columnist at MuslimMatters. She is a Women’s Policy Institute-County fellow, joining the First for Women team on protecting women’s religious rights in the criminal justice system in LA County. She is also an adjunct professor, blogger, and freelance writer with articles published in Time, SISTERS, Islamic Monthly, Al Jazeera English, Muslimmatters, Virtual Mosque (formerly Suhaibwebb.com), and Spice Digest.   After converting to Islam in 1993, her life experiences as a Black American woman have informed her research and writing on Islam, education, race, and gender. She has nearly a decade of teaching experiences at all levels from elementary, secondary, college level, to adult education. She has worked in education at various capacities including as substitute teacher, instructor, curriculum design, school policy, teacher training, as well as teaching assistant and teaching fellow. She taught Writing and Literature at Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy, developed instructed an Art and Literacy class for Clara Muhammad Summer Camp, worked as a Lead Teacher and Curriculum Developer at United Muslim Masjid Summer Madrasa, and taught traditional and online college level Introduction to World Religions. She earned her bachelor’s degree in History from Santa Clara University in 2003 and master’s in History of the Middle East and Islamic Africa from Stanford University in 2006. Her research includes colonial surveillance in Northern Nigeria, anti-colonial resistance among West Africans in Sudan during the early 20th century, transformations in Islamic learning in Northern Nigeria, and race in North American Muslim communities. She has given talks and lectures in various universities and community centers throughout the country. Topics she has lectured on include:

  • History and Islamic Studies
    • Spread of Islam in Africa
    • Social Institutions in the Ottoman Empire
    • Luqman in the Qur’an
  • Gender & Islam
    • The Practical Spirituality of Muslim Women
    • Triple Minority: Black American Muslim Woman
  • Contemporary Issues in Muslim Communities
    • Criminalization of Black Muslims
    • Intersections of Islamophobia and Racism
    • Counter Violent Extremism and Black Muslims
  • Anti-Racism
    • Anti-Racism as Purification of the Soul
    • Inter-ethnic Relations in Muslim Communities
    • Muslims and Mass Incarceration
    • Diversity in Muslim Communities

For speaking inquiries, request a speaker at Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative. Media inquiries and interviews, contact margari.hill@gmail.com. You can follow her on social media:

Twitter: @margari_aziza

Facebook: facebook.com/Margari.Aziza

Tumblr: margariaziza.tumblr.com

(Disclaimer: Views on this blog are entirely the author’s and not the official position of Muslim Anti-Raciam Collaborative)


One thought on “About Me

  1. assalamu alaikum ayyuhal mujahidat,margari my name is auwal yusif i am very happy when isaw ur mail address,i extand nmy greeting to the all us muslims,imy also request to sent me ur magazine and newspaper,through my address,


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