Justice Served: Life for Fake Mansa Musa Wannabe

Alhumdulillah, finally some justice served for this fake Mansa Musa wannabe. I vaguely remember this case nearly a decade ago, Children’s abuse evident, doctor testifies, during trial of Mansa Musa Muhummed:

Some of seven children and teenagers who were removed from their father’s Aguanga home were so deprived of food and nurturing that they looked half their age, a pediatrician testified Wednesday.

In 1999, Marlon Boddie was almost 20. He was 4 ½ feet tall and weighed 78 pounds when Dr. Clare Sheridan-Matney examined him and six of his siblings after they were removed from defendant Mansa Musa Muhummed’s home.

“He didn’t look like a 20-year-old. He looks like a kid,” said Sheridan-Matney, who is the head of forensic pediatrics at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Boddie’s weight and height would have been normal for a 10- or 11-year-old, the doctor said.

I didn’t get to follow the case because I was abroad last year. But I was glad to hear that the victims have some vindication.
Calif. polygamist gets life term for family crimes

A self-proclaimed polygamist was sentenced Friday to seven consecutive life prison terms for torturing some of his 19 children and falsely imprisoning two of his three wives.

Mansa Musa Muhummed, 55, also was sentenced to additional terms totaling 16 years and eight months by Riverside County Superior Court Judge F. Paul Dickerson III.

“If his appeals are exhausted and he does not prevail, he will die in prison,” said Peter Morreale, Muhummed’s attorney.

Muhummed was convicted last June of seven counts of torture, two counts of false imprisonment and additional charges of child endangerment and spousal abuse.

At his trial, several of Muhummed’s children and stepchildren testified against him, telling jurors they had been beaten, starved, strung up by their feet and forced to eat vomit and feces.

Muhummed — whose given name was Richard Boddie — denied the charges and blamed one of his wives for the alleged abuse. He was a convert to the Muslim faith, which he said gave him the right to have multiple wives.

He was arrested in 1999 after one of his wives slipped a 13-page letter to a postal service worker describing the abuse.

Sentencing came nearly a decade after Muhummed’s arrest. His trial followed nine years of delays in which he represented himself and changed lawyers multiple times.

3 thoughts on “Justice Served: Life for Fake Mansa Musa Wannabe

  1. asa. i was just reading about this on yahoo news, googled it and your blog popped up. my stomach churned reading about the abuse. insha Allah, the children and wives will be able to get their lives back.


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