Journey Into America

How do Muslims fit into contemporary American society? And how have the uniquely American ideals of pluralism, openness, and cultural integration held up in post-9/11 American society? Those are the driving questions behind “Journey into America,” a cross-country adventure led by Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, renowned Islamic scholar and author, and his team of enthusiastic young Americans. They will explore America and American identity in a post-September 11 world during their journey, which will take them to cities big and small, from Birmingham, Alabama, Nashville, Tennessee, and Salt Lake City to New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Sometimes I wonder what planet I’ve been on to miss things like this. And then I remember, “Oh, I was in Cairo for most of 2008.” As I was preparing to head back to the States after a year of being away, Akbar Ahmed began his Journey Into America, exploring Muslim life in some unexpected places.