Eid Gifts for Dar Al-Salaam

This is from a good friend who has continued her late mother’s efforts of helping needy children during Eid by collecting money for gifts. This year they are focusing on assisting Dar al-Salaam, a school in Mauritania. They are working with the Alalusi Foundation, an organization that has helped establish important institutions and many local Muslims through charitable donations. Please consider donating to this worthy project:

Asalam Alaykum 
Ramadan Mubarak
Hope this letter finds you and your loved ones in good eman and health. Many of you have been so helpful in aiding us to provide eid gifts, clothing, and supplies for needy children at Granada and other orphans. You can not be thanked enough Alhamidullah. Right now, we are focusing our efforts to the needy in Mauritania.This is a tax deductible donation.
We are collecting donations to provide eid gifts of clothing to the children. There are about 60 under the age of 8. This project is very dear – Dar Al Salam. It is a school in Mauritania. This school is central for the children and region. There is need in getting gifts for the underprivileged children/students, updating the school facilities, student dormitories, paying the educators, or building water wells. Ma sha’ Allah your help really makes a difference.
Ramadan is moving fast and I’m sure we all hope for forgiveness and mercy. It’s always a good time to give saddaqa especially now in Ramadan. Please send your contributions, sadaka jariyah, or zakat That way we can have an estimate. You can designate where you would like your donation to go in your memo.
children’s clothing

You can also give to: 
student support
teacher salaries

water wells
sadaqa or other
You may pass the donation to us at
29869 Bello View Place in Hayward Ca 94544.
pleas make check payable to:
Alalusi Foundation
Checks made payable to Alalusi Foundation. Be sure to fill in the memo section. Contributions are tax deductible.
Finances are tight for most people now. May our eman and bank accounts all be expanded for the better by helping others who are in need. Honestly, even $5 can help. Every bit counts.
Barak Allah feekom. May Allah be pleased with your efforts and multiply your rewards.  Please distribute to your friends and family.

Teachers and children outside new building

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