Eid Gifts for Needy Children at Granada school

A good friend asked me to distribute this worthy cause in honor of her mother Madeha Lashin (Allah Yarhumha), for the needy children at Granada school. Because I was asked to forward this on to friends and family and I consider you all friends, I decided to pass this on:

Asalam Alaykum

Ramadan Kareem
Hope this letter finds you and your loved ones in good eman and health.
An email was just sent out for the children abroad. Hope you have a little more generosity left. Many of you have been so helpful in aiding us to provide eid gifts, clothing, and supplies for needy children at Granada. They have kindly asked us to carry on. Hope you have it in your heart to give a little for these community kids. This is a tradition that my mother has passed on and we’d like to keep it going.

Ramadan is moving fast and I’m sure we all hope for forgiveness and mercy. It’s always a good time to give saddaqa especially now in this blessed month. Please send your contributions. We all know that finances are tight for most people now. May our eman and bank accounts all be expanded for the better by helping others who are in need. Honestly, even $5 can help. Everybit counts.
You can send your contributions to 315 Bagshaw Ct, San Jose, Ca 95123. Barak Allah feekom. May Allah be pleased with your efforts and multiply your rewards. Please distribute to your friends and family.

The American Muslim community has made tremendous inroads by the tireless work and dedication of people like Madeha Lashin. So many of us were saddened by her long illness. But she has contributed to an important legacy. In this short time, I really cannot convey the impact that she and her family has made in my life. I owe Madeha Lashin for giving me the chance to find myself. Years ago, I used to substitute teach at Granada school and served as a teaching assistant volunteer while attending Santa Clara University. It was in this environment that I discovered my love for teaching.

Madeha Lashin: Pharmaceutical degree from Cairo, Egypt. She worked at Granada Islamic School for ten years, first as a substitute teacher and then teaching Arabic and Biology. She went on to serve as principal for four years providing the strong leadership that helped the school advance and achieve a new professionalism, team spirit among the staff, and a love of Islam and learning among the students.

As stated in the email, one of the traditions Madeha passed on was collecting funds to help needy children with gifts and supplies. May Allah have mercy on Madeha, bless and reward her for her efforts and contributions to the Muslim community and humanity in general. She was like so many women in our community, the very backbone that helped it hold its head up straight. Please honor the mothers, daughter, aunts, sisters, cousins, and friends who volunteer and work so hard to egive our children a solid foundation and ensure a bright future. You can make it a little brighter and put a smile on a young child’s face. It is not too late to give, please consider doing so as Ramadan comes to a close and you celebrate Eid al-Fitr.