Death of a Pioneer: Warith Deen Muhammad October 30, 1933-Sept.9, 2008

Tariq Nelson brings the sad news of W.D. Muhammad’s passing. He was one of American Islam’s most influential leaders and responsible for the largest mass conversion to Sunni Islam. He has left an incredible legacy that has touched the lives of all Muslims in America (whether they want to admit to or not). Please make du’a for his family and loved ones. Like Tariq Nelson said, he will be missed.

For those in the Bay Area, there will be services held at Masjid Waritheen in Oakland. I received this announcement from Kameelah.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
With Allah’s Name, The Merciful Benefactor, The Merciful Redeemer

As-Salaam Alaikum wa Ramadan Mubarak

Imam Warith Deen Mohammed
has passed from this life early on Tuesday morning (9/9/08)*.
Innalil lahi wa inna ilahi rajiun, to Allah we belong and to Him is our return.

We invite our community (family) to gather at Masjidul Waritheen at Mahgrib this evening at this time of great loss simply for the purpose of being together. People can bring food as they would bring something for iftar and Sheikh Abdul Ra-oof Nasir will facilitate the gathering.

15 thoughts on “Death of a Pioneer: Warith Deen Muhammad October 30, 1933-Sept.9, 2008

  1. May ALLAH (SWT) be pleased with the service of Imam W.D. Muhammad. I recall how much my life changed as a teenaged girl when my parents accepted Islam in 1975. Today, I am grateful that ALLAH, through the leadership of Imam Muhammad and our Brother Malcolm X/Brother Shabazz, many people in my community have come unto Islam.


  2. I am sad of the passing of one of the most influential men in america. May Allah continue to bless his work and comfort his family in this time of loss. From the cradle to the grave this man has exemplified the example of what Allahs will is for me and I appreciate everything he has given the Islamic Community of America. Thank you Imam Muhammad and may you rest in glory.


  3. Imam W.D. Mohammed was truly a great man. He inspired myself and others over the years. He was indeed a true “leader” for the people. He was an example and led accordingly. This is truly a sad day because many people have not respected his words as they should have. May ALLAH (SWT) bless him. I was always inspired when heard him speak which has been many times in person. I had the honor of meeting and speaking with him. He definitely left a meaningful impression upon me. I loved this brother truly and he will be missed greatly.


  4. Because we are his contemporaries, I don’t think that we can truly measure the effect that this man had on the Islamic movement in America. Time will tell this story.

    May ALLAH (SWT) have mercy on him and grant his family patience.


  5. Bismillah–
    The blessings for passing during Ramadan are numerous. Though we will, for a very long time, feel the loss of such a blessed and wise Imam, we should rest assured that it was decreed before his birth that he would make such an impact upon humanity and that he will return to his Creator during such a blessed and Holy month. Shukran-Allah for such a leader. WDM’s blessings will be continuous because of the wealth of knowledge he has left behind for all receptive people. A gift that keeps on giving, and a blessing that will tip his scale and, insha-Allah, increase his rank magnficently. Ramadan Mubarak. If when my time comes I can have even an iota of the pleasure I am confident Allah has/had with WDM, I will be at ease, insha-Allah. Let us all die having submitted ourselves to what is right and in a state of purity, seeking Allah’s pleasure and shunning all He has forbidden.


  6. WD Muhammed was the wisest Imam on the planet. May Allah be pleased with him and make his grave wide and spacious. All that I know about Al-Islam was taught to me by the most honorable Warith D. Muhammed. Being apart of the transition in 1975 is ingrained in my heart. I can still see the brothers lifting him high on their shoulders. May Allah bless him in eternity and I know we will miss him among us. I truly loved this brother!


  7. InshAllah, his legacy, his thought, his teachings, and his spirit will ultimately live on. And i’m not talking about spirit like some ghost/unseen being floating around…I’m speaking of the energy and love that he had for his people, all people, the drive and motivation to unite people of faith, and the leadership that he possessed live on through us.


  8. Asalamalaykom,

    It will be said that the Imam was important for black Muslims and they will be incorrect. He was important for ALL Muslims. May his legacy live on and his good deeds increase even after death.


  9. As Salaam Alaikum: Ramadan Mubarak

    May Allah (SWT) have mercy on us all. The news of the passing of our great Imam Warith Deen Mohammad is so very bittersweet. As we muslims know that To Allah Do We Belong and To Allah We Must Return. And what a blessing to return on Islams blessed month of Ramadan. The reward and blessing at this time is what we strive for throughout our lifetime and in our after life.

    I pray Allah SWT grants our Imam paradise, removes and forgives all of his sins, and makes his resting place spacious and full of sustinence from Allah SWT.

    I thank Allah for Imam Warith Deen for the mission he had amongst us. I remember my father, so devoted to the message of Imam Warith Deen in his teachings of Sunni Islam as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prescribed it from Allah.

    May our Imam’s reward be great, and may we forever hold on to the rope of Islam. As this world is wrought with trouble, may Imam’s passing remind us of the brevity of this life and propel us forward toward Allah SWT as in a race seeking nothing but the bounty, blessing and praise of Allah SWT.

    May Allah also have mercy on Imam’s family and his brother Jabir Muhammad who recently returned to Allah.

    May Allah’s succoor suffice us at this time.


  10. May Allah have mercy on WD Muhammed. I was not fortunate enough to have met him. I pray for the entire Ummah especially the brothers and sisters that have lost their leader. May Allh be pleased with him. As an African American Muslim, I am sorry that I didnt get the opportunity to meet him, but I still offer my prayers to the entire Ummah.


  11. As-Salaamu-alaykum, ummah:

    Gone from us is perhaps the greatest teacher of this century, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed. May Allah give him and his family great blessings and much grace. Imam Warith Deen showed us how to reflect on the many aspects of Islam. I was always amazed at how the Imam’s teaching gave me such common sense in reading the Qur’an and material about the Sunna. How Imam Warith Deen understood that Bilalians (remember that term?)would grow into Islam in degrees – that was how the Prophet’s (SAW) companions grew into Islam. And the Qur’an wasn’t revealed to Muhammad (SAW) in one day. He has spent these many years showing us how to be that community that “Exhorts its members to do good and forbid that which is evil.” Under his guidance this community brought forth the largest generation of hufaz and alims of African American descent.

    Imam Warith Deen was recognized around the world as the most authentic Muslim scholar-teacher in America. He has conveyed the message of Islam to us in a most excellent way. I can clearly see in his life that he was selected by Allah to be a blessing among us. I will miss him greatly.

    I know some of our ignorant brothers around the world will say we place him too close to the Prophet in affection but that would probably be because so long have they left their capacity to show compassion and mercy dormant that they forget these are qualites that Allah exhorts us to use. Know that we, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed’s followers, cannot deny that the light that he carried was far brighter than any Muslim of his time. Already have I read statements on blogs that we almost worshipped him. We do no worship him – we worship Allah! But we do love him. His legacy is great. He took us from believing that his own father was sent by God to the truth of al-Islam. He taught us to see the value in men for what they were and not because they were a certain color or ethnicity. He motivated us to go out and master Islamic sciences in the Arabic language. He encouraged us to serve in the armed services. He taught us respect our sisters as our equals and trust their counsel rather than isolate and abuse them as is done in many parts of the ummah. Because of him we have African American Muslim legislators, judges, lawyers, doctors, engineers. Yes, his influence on us is powerful. All by the will of Allah. It is because of Imam Warith Deen Mohammed that when I read the hadith and Islamic writings I know I don’t have to leave my common sense behind. No so-called shaikh can come to me and convince me that I should hijack aircraft and plunge them into population centers, or kill Jews just because they’re Jews, or kill Muslims because they don’t practice Islam according to my opinions, or put people out my cab because they have a service dog with them, or strap a bomb on myself and walk into a daycare center. He taught us to love America with all its faults.

    May Allah bless you Imam Warith Deen Mohammed and be pleased with you, for you have left this world a far better place than you found it. May our heightened sense of taqwa and our prayers pave a expansive path into the jannah – for you have been called back to our Creator during the blessed month of Ramadan and we pray that Allah will increase your reward one hundred-fold. Well done!



  12. May Allah grant Brother Imam the highest place in paradise, i.e., among his prophets and messengers. He was the greatest thinker of our time and I was truely blessed to have met him, talked with him, got supreme wisdom from him, laughed with him and even joked with him. My life and all those around me has been impacted in so many positive ways by this great man. This man saved America, by the grace of G’d, from total destruction, and for that, we Americans, are grateful. All of you social scientist, religious students and teachers, STUDY this man’s life, his life’s works, his writings and speeches, and if G’d has any mercy on you, you too will conclude that this man was Allah’s gift to the world today. May Allah bless us to emulated his example, as his example is that of Prophet Mohammed, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. Imam Mohammed walked away from a life of majesty, ease and power, to teach us and the world, what is really is to be Muslim. So humble, so blessed, so Islamic. Allahu Akbar!


  13. May Allah (swt) bless Imam Muhammad and his family… I have a similar story. My entire family (my grandparents and their 10 children) had been in the Nation of Islam since around 1964…my mother recalls getting called Black Mos upon returning to school and revealing that she no longer celebrated Christmas. Similarly, a chunk of the family, including my mother, came into Sunni Islam in 1975 or around. Though my father is Christian, I came into Islam and Islam was a part of my life ever since I could remember because of the influence of my extended family. I could not believe when my mother informed me that he had passed, but in the past few days his impact indirectly on my life, directly on my family’s life, has become manifest to me. So yes, may Allah (swt) bless him in his ascent…


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