Khabr Aswad

Khabr Aswad- Black News
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I carry with me the khabr Aswad
That dark secret of a dusky Venus
With kinky tendencies
I am a raven bringing omens
An ink blot stain revealing dark visions.
I am the one who is tangled and
Treading murky waters
That dark cloud following you
Reminding you of the blackness from which you came.

(c) Khabr Aswad yadda yadda and all that legal stuff 2006

One thought on “Khabr Aswad

  1. As-Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,
    A’uthubillahi min-ashaytaanir-rajim

    “Mubtada and khabr”

    In Arabic,default kind of sentence is called a nominal sentence.It looks something like this:
    *Ahmad is rich
    *The masjid is big
    *I am Muslim

    It has two parts -the mubtada(the subject-eg.Ahmad),and the khabr(the predicate-information about the,big,a Muslim).

    What are the rules of grammar as they apply to the mubtada and the khabr?There are three:

    1.Match:The khabr must match the mubtada in number (eg.singular,plural)
    and in gender.
    2.Definite:The mubtada cannot be indefinite-it must be definite.
    3.Dumma:The mubtada must take dumma(single dumma,too,because it’s definite)-and,when dissecting complex sentences of any type,this is how you locte the mubtada!-IlmFruits[The sweetness of Faith Lies in the Fruits of Knowledge]

    Sister Margari,could this mean that when I confront”Khabr Aswad” it is the most revealing way to test my deepest sense of POSSIBLE inner “authenticity” in the present moment?
    My effort to subjectivly define my own sense of value(khabr) through attaining desired “objects” or “experiences”
    of “Aswad”(Fitra) placed in us by Allah(s.w.t.)will fail if I have Khibr(Pride).
    If I can remember to the best of my ability that Allah(s.w.t.)is All-Mighty and All-Knowing,than I can enjoy the beauty of the aspects of this life that He makes permissable with “others”-with a more tranquil heart,Insha’Allah.
    Allah(s.w.t.) created us to worship Him alone and I should always assume that I could be the worst in the room. I must not be too cynical towards myself to the point that I give up hope. The whipers of shaytaan will make us struggle with the extremes of this. You indeed carry the khabr Aswad,and the status of my own heart is reflected back to me based on how I confront my most hidden attitudes about it.We’re all created in a state of fitra,not Islam.You’re far more eloquent and insightful than I am in explaining that none of us can be “Just a Muslim-Muslim”.The Qur’an teaches us taqwa and tawheed to let us know that our lives are an inescapable affirmation of our level of “authenticty”.Allah(azza-wajal)knows best!Even our ability to succeed is on loan.
    I can’t have belief if I don’t want for my brother what I want for myself;and I have to have a serious conviction to carry the book of my deeds in my right hand on The Day of Judgement.

    You may be “raven bringing omens”
    But,the status of MY heart paints the portrait of:
    kinky or healthy tendencies
    Ink blot stains or visions of blinding beauty
    A tangled,or free strong spirit
    Murky waters or puryfying placid lakes-
    That remind ME of the wonderful state from which I came
    And am yearning to return to again every time I fall-by Allah’s Mercy!

    True brothers respect the rights of others
    And show their Mothers that thy care
    spoon-fed little-boy mommy-hatin’ fool-
    Deen-Taught Taqwa-Filled Mother-Lovin Cool!
    Searching for the Purest Light-by appreciating the full Spectrum of our rainbows-in all Seasons-for Real reasons

    “Real Love”-Mary J. Blige
    Real love
    I’m searchin for a real love
    Someone to set my heart free
    Real love
    I’m searchin for a real love…….

    So I try my best to pray to God
    He’ll send me someone real
    To caress and guide me towards
    A love my heart can feel
    Now I know I can be faithul
    I can be you’re all in all
    I’ll give you good lovin’through the Summertime,
    Winter,Spring,and Fall

    “Lovin’ You”-Minnie Ripperton
    Lovin’ you is easy cause you’re beautiful…..

    No one else can make me feel the colors that your bring
    Stay with me while we grow old
    And we will live each day in the Springtime
    Cause lovin’ you has made my life so beautiful
    And every day of my life is filled with lovin’ you….

    Lovin’ you I see your Soul come shinin’ through

    As-Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh


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