Pop Versus Soda

Admitted, being born in New Jersey and growing up mostly in California, I find the idea of not having access to a coast stifling. I think some exceptions may apply to Chicago and Detroit because they are near the Great Lakes. The first time I ever heard someone call their carbonated soft drink pop was when I moved in with my grad school roommate in 2004. She, like my husband, was from Michigan. I contributed this quirkiness to them both being from an innerstate. While the Great Lakes are really big, they still aren’t oceans.

You can see the map of generic usage for carbonated soft drinks:
Pop Versus Soda
I have a bias against those who would call any carbonated drink coke. Don’t ever call my Sprite a Coke!! The main exception to that would be my grandma, who was originally from Georgia. Nobody steps on grandma Sara’s toes.

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Classified Posts in Kuwait

I ran across these ads as I was looking for classified ads for part time instructors and tutors in Kuwait. Enjoy!! Once we get our scanner up, I’ll be able to scan some of the newspaper ads. They are much more interesting.

Good Cooker:

Category: Jobs Wanted
Region: Kuwait City
Description: I loook for a job in kuwait city i am a good cooker .

All the pretty girls be quiet!! Ugly ladies…make noise!

Category: Men Seeking Women
Region: Kuwait
Description: Hi there , I’m handsome kuwaiti guy looking for ugly women and i prefer she not slim .
waiting ur message ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here is one from a guy who is a web designer and woman messager (sic):

Category: Men Seeking Women
Im good looking Guy, would love to provide excellent services for Females. I promise u wont regret.
All will be very private & confidential.
Take care have a wonderful time.
Awaiting reply for all females interested

This gentleman needs a travelling partner:

Category: Men Seeking Women
I am male 27 Years Old, nice, decent and clean guys. I keep Travelling ofen on Business Trips to other countries. I require a nice female to provide me company on such trips.
So if you want to visit other countries, enjoy your moments and as well earn extra so feel free to contact me.
All your details will be kept discreet.
I am planned to travel to Dubai for next Month so if any female intreseted contact me.

He’s looking for a sugarmomma:

Category: Men Seeking Women
Description: I’m a 30 years old good looking man looking for a long term relation with a rich lady (coz money is all what i’m looking for) age is not a matter but the look should be acceptable. For more info do not hesitate to contact me coz each minute counts ๐Ÿ™‚

Cross Dressing For Allah

So one of my friends asked me what did I think about the Red Mosque stand off. You know, the one where the pious Muslim leader tried to escape out the backdoor dressed as a woman. I’m not one to write too much about politics. I am also very careful about writing on events that I don’t understand. But who could ignore the dramatic events and the burqas. Umar Lee has made some very interesting comments on this piece in his blog. My response is delayed because I’ve been really swamped with my work and studies. But with the flurry of blog entries, here’s my two cents.

There is so much discussion about women’s dress, hijab, niqab, and burqa. A few years back, Michael Jackson made headlines by dressing in an abaya and veil and powdering his nose in a bathroom. Himesh Reshammiya pissed off a lot of Muslims in a shrine. Himesh and Michael were just trying to escape paparazzi. But there have been a growing number of stories where bank robbers and Muslim militants donned the burqa to escape police or military capture. In the case of the mosque standoff, I think I’d cut the brother some slack if he didn’t have such a hard core deen-or-die-rough-rider-pakistani-style rhetoric. So what’s up with that ready to die as a shaheed, but dressing up as a meek Muslimah? I’m really rusty on my Fiqh, but last I heard was that cross dressing was haram. In fact, I’ve read works by Muslim writers who condemn Muslim women for wearing jeans and pants like men. But maybe in this case they used ijtihad and came up with some ruling that it is okay to cross dress fi-subil-Allah.