Worst Vacation Spots in the World

Long time no see folks. Just to get back in the spirit of writing, I decided to post a random entry. I’ve been feeling kind of anti-Philadelphia, looking at picturesque views of California forests and San Franscisco streets, wondering when will I ever be able to take a vacation. It doesn’t help that I have friends living abroad and other friends who are travelling. I live vicariously through my friends especially now because, believe me, it looks like my future vacaction will be a loooooooooong time from now. Out of all the wonderful places I can imagine visiting, there are several that are on the bottom of my list for vacation spots. Thinking about these places makes me feel nice and safe in one of America’s most dangerous cities.

Chernobyl Ukraine

Dangerous radiation levels and an abandoned city, Pripryat. Chernobyl in Ukraine tops my list of undesirable travel destinations.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Suicide bombings, Taliban need I say more?

Bogota Columbia

Kidnapping, drug trade related violence, no thank you.

Baghdad Iraq

Inside or outside the green zone, my anxiety levels would be way to high.

Jerusalem or Bethleham

Checkpoints, strip searches (I’m Muslim), gawking stares (I’m black), high alert for terrorism, I think I’ll pass.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Escalating suicide bombings, anti-American protests, Taliban, okay I’m done.

Kigali Rwanda


4 thoughts on “Worst Vacation Spots in the World

  1. Salaams love,
    I’m hanging in there, trying to stay out the oppressive heat. I’m working on something. I forgot how much time some of my entries take. This one is like a mini-research paper, so it is taking me some time. I’m trying to avoid shooting from the hip, cause I may just misfire and shoot off either one of my toes or hit an innocent bystander. Instead, trying to put some thought in what I say.


  2. Salam Margari,

    I’m SOOO happy to see that you’re writing again, I missed it!
    I’m of rwandan origin and I wondered why you put Kigali in your list. The genocide was in 1994 and the country has become quite the tourist attraction, with music festivals and the likes…
    I hope my question doesn’t soung angry, I’m really just being curious.




  3. Salam Mutusikazi,
    I put my reason, depressing. I would not be able to visit without going to memorial sites and they are quite haunting. For me, it would be like going to Auschwitz. A lot of people go there for various reasons, but it would be a depressing vacation. Auschwitz almost got on my list, but I tried to keep it short.


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