Doodles from a Teacher’s Desk

The life an educator has its highs and lows. Some days are exhilarating, as break down a difficult lesson or skill set and catch a glimpse of that spark of eureka in a number of my students’ eyes. There are, however, times when the day just drones on and I ponder my existence as a teacher. This is how I feel proctoring marathon sessions of the PSSA standardized exams. The day drags on, as I sit for hours deprived of meaningful student-teacher interaction. While they fill in bubbles for hours, I try to grade homework and quizzes. But generally, the lack of interaction lulls me to sleep. I try to get work done, but reminding students to not talk while exams are still out interrupt my thought process. The life of an educator means you have to find little joys in otherwise thankless days. Hence, doodling takes a new life: drawings from the teacher’s desk. While my students studied and examed away, I drew and stuff on my desk. Each day I picked something different using a number two pencil and some scratch paper.