Don’t Sleep

Sometimes I hear news that reminds me of the passing of an era and the fragility of our existence. The most recent natural disasters, the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, are obvious examples. But there are also personal reminders. The toddlers I used to carry on my hip are now in college and having their own children. My students pretty much consider the Space Shuttle Columbia, the first Gulf War, Glasnost, Reagan, and the Rwandan genocide ancient history. And stars that I danced and sang to as a little girl are passing away. Today was a chilling reminder for me, Guru is in a coma following a heart attack. I think it especially hits me because his hey day was during the height of my youth. While I can look back fondly at memories like these:

I can’t be too nostalgic and romanticize my teen years. A while back I wrote this post about this song and the profound influence that Hip Hop and Islam had upon me. The giants of my youth are reaching middle age and a chapter of my life is closing. Although the years I spent in school contributed to a sense of extended adolescence, I’m glad I finally grew up. I can’t sleep on the on the imminence of meeting my Maker sooner rather than later. I know that my Lord will ask me what did I do with my time. I know that He will ask me did I live my life to the fullest, cherishing each precious moment and opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep

  1. Guru and premeir was the bomb ,just to get a rep, step into the arena, lounging , mas appeal,i
    really hated to hear about guru in a coma , time is passing us by and we never know when our time will come so all we can do is thank Allah for the time he,s given us and fear nothing but him.


  2. Salaam, I am only 19 .. 20 in a few months .. but even at this age I look at the world around me and wonder how long it will be until I am facing the angel of death and answering the many questions of the grave. It scares me but at the same time I know that this life is just a temporary time I have here. The earthquake in Haiti and the many wars going on … the world seems to be falling apart at its seams and people seem to be dying younger. I hope that on the day that Allah asks us how we spent the time He gave us, we are all able to confidently say that we used each second the right way … or at least most of them 🙂
    Ma Salaam.


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