“We Are the World 2010” Takes on New Meaning…

…for me as it provides clear evidence demonstrating the demise of American Music. Video Gaga’s blog entry, “We are the world remake takes on new meaning,” left me quite shaken. The article states:

Lionel Richie was rightfully hesitant to rerecord “We Are the World,” the 1985 global anthem he wrote alongside Michael Jackson to fight famine in Africa.
More than 40 artists under the umbrella USA for Africa joined to record the tribute that raised more than $60 million.
Richie felt the song was iconic and should not be revisited,

With the state of music today, I understand.

…but he changed his mind after the recent devastation in Haiti following the tragic 7.0 earthquake in January that left more than 100,000 people dead and millions displaced.

I feel your pain Lionel as the new version hurt my ears at times. Sometimes in life, we have to make difficult decisions. I was moved by the 1985 original below:

The new version is here (warning: video features auto-tune and Wyclef):

Despite the musical travesty, Haiti still needs your help. I urge you to give to world25.org. We can help the people of Haiti and, perhaps, put Wyclef out of his misery.