Triple Minority Event

Apologies to all those for providing such a late notice. I’m still researching trying to find that female voice that has carried the legacy of Black American Islam. Here are the event details:

Margari Hill “Triple Minority: Black, Female, and Muslim in America”

9/29 ; 7:30 PM

Bodek Lounge, Houston Hall

University of Pennsylvania

2 thoughts on “Triple Minority Event

  1. Where will Sis Aziza be speaking next. I received the notification about her lecture at Univ. Of Pa at 5:00 pm today and I live out of town so unfortunately it was too late for me to travel to Philadelphia. I’d like to find out about other dates, books written by Sis. Aziza etc.


  2. Insha’Allah I will try to post my events in a more timely fashion. I don’t have any books published. I have a few papers to finish and maybe one day I will put pen to paper and come up with something readable. But there are a few scholars doing a good job, I hope to post a short bibliography soon.


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