3 thoughts on “Black is the Color…

  1. Asalaum u alaikum ukhti,
    i know neither of us ar perfect and we are all learning,

    but i see uyou have added music, do u not know music is haram in islam, except the hand drum?

    not criticising just wanted to make you aware, please do the research, as i said i am still learning so i cannot quote any hadiths or quranic ayah’s.

    assalaum u alaikum
    ramadan mubarak

    i will make dua for you and your family
    please do the same for me


  2. Walaikum salaam ukhti,
    A bit of advice, as you are a new Muslim and are still learning. We as Muslims are commanded to ya’maru bil ma’ruf wa yunha ‘an al munkar(command the good and forbid the wrong). But you should do so based on sound knowledge, not just on what so and so says. That means doing your research and providing evidence based on Qur’an, Sunnah, and/or consensus. After 16 years of being a Muslim and studying this deen within academia and with traditionally trained scholars, I am deeply aware of the majority and minority opinions on music. Once you have gained more knowledge of this deen you will understand the nuances of these debates. Also over time you will gain some hikmah (wisdom) on knowing when and if it is appropriate to ya’maru bil ma’ruf wa yunha ‘an al munkar.


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