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The past year has definitely been a whirlwind journey and so much has changed for me personally and professionally. These changes have clearly influenced my writing, or rather lack of writing over the past 5 months. I’ve spent a lot of time adjusting to a the culture of an East Coast city, for the most part making quiet observations about the benefits and downsides of living in a city where Islam is so normalized. I came out of an intellectual milieu in the Bay Area, as a graduate student and a product of a well organized community center. I also developed as a Muslim in the shadows of Zaytuna, especially considering that I have followed the Maliki school of law ever since I took a woman’s fiqh class taught by Hamza Yusuf in 1997. For a muslimah with my inclinations and leanings, Philadelphia proven to be especially barren in terms of intellectual and social opportunities. Being an outsider as I have been for a number of years makes me a bit more sensitive and more guarded.

After writing my scathing social commentary about expat communities in Kuwait, and my harsh critique about the few immigrant women who do not return salaams in Philadelphia, I decided to take a break from my social critiques. Many bloggers feel that they have said what they needed to say and that what issues that should have been brought to the fore has moved from backburner, others feel that we need to move away from solipsistic ramblings that we bloggers tend to indulge in. Just as my husband has noted that his blog is going in a new direction, I too have thought considerably about the future direction of my writings. Race, gender, and religion will still be important topics on my blog, however I am currently rethinking approaches that will be more beneficial for both my readers and myself. In the next couple months, I plan on doing a complete revamping of my blog. I can’t say that I’m not going anywhere, rather at this intersection of my life I’m going in some new directions. I hope you check in from time to time.


5 thoughts on “Blog at the Intersection

  1. Salaams Magari,

    If i haven’t yet said it, mabrook on your marriage.

    i may be mistaken, but i thought that there was a Yan-Taru group in Philly, and i wondered if you might find that interesting, a way to connect to those who follow and teach in the method conveyed by Sh Uthman Dan Fodio and Nana’a Asma’u, which is also based in Maliki fiqh. 🙂

    May Allah continue to bless you in whatever direction you and your blog go in.


  2. Assalamu alaikum


    I too have thought about changing the format of my blog. My blog is more of a space where people of different faiths may gather. It is my desire that perhaps one may learn something from my blog and want to seek further information about Islam.

    I feel that too many of the sites that or more “dawah”-oriented are preaching to those who are already Muslim or those those already on the haqq within Islam. I feel that a website can still stay upon the principles of the Salaf-us-Salih while being on a format that those of other minahaj and other faiths may want to gather.

    I also started a more dawah-oriented blog. Unfortunately, I do not update it that much.

    Just food for thought.



  3. I, for one, love social commentary, especially the scathing kind. Who better than an insider to provide it? Keep it coming….. any thoughts on nouveou rich immigrant Hyderabadi families?


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