New Look?!

I decided to update my blog with a cleaner and brighter look. I also wanted to make some changes that, I hope, will be reflective of the direction I’m going in with my writing and my life. Initially, this blog was a personal reflection, a kind of “I am Black Muslim woman, hear me roar!” I started off with a controversial title, playing on the stereotype of angry, aggressive Black woman, to raise eyebrows and draw awareness. My pictures drew the ire of many of Muslim merely because I had pictures posted without hijab. My reasons for public pictures were numerous. As I am also a researcher and wanna be scholar with the dubious distinction of being trained in the west, both my identity and stances to be transparent. I often find that we are motivated to do things multiple, often conflicting, intentions. I also displayed pictures on the website for more nafsi reasons. Reflecting back, my self portraits can be linked to my envy that many brothers could be stylish and attractive in the public eye while maintaining their legitimacy within Muslim circles. There was an undercurrent of a public protest. I am not saying that sisters in hijab are not stylish or attractive, by no means no!! But we all know what it is intended to curb. At the same time the reality is that many Muslim women do not wear hijab. Many women who do not wear hijab are just as concerned about our faith and the Muslim community as our sisters in hijab. And unlike some claims by my a few commentators, Muslim women who do not observe hijab have every right to call themselves Muslim. But having pictures online brings up numerous problems, from online stalkers, to people recognizing you from a distance in countries as far as the Khaleej, to flame wars and endless lame debates on my blog. As it stands, I’ve decided that I my writing will speak for itself. I hope my blog continues to explore the social, cultural, and spiritual struggles of Black American Muslim women in particular and Muslims in general.

2 thoughts on “New Look?!

  1. yay! you’re back – I knew this blog used to have a black background and pics of you posted….I thought I was in the wrong place until I started reading (smile) masha’allah you are such an inspiration 🙂
    welcome back sis, this is my favorite blog!!


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