8 thoughts on “For the next six weeks…

  1. it dawned to me late last year how much i missed being around practicing muslims. i was raised celebrating ramadhan with easter, eidd and diwali and since i come to the states, the images of islam spinned in the media has never marinated with me. this is not the islam that i know. at the end of ramadhan last year, i realized how much i was thirsting to seat and break bread with other brown women and i would find myself when i’d come into contact with other dada’s at the store, i would look and smile and hope that within the confines of misconceptions there would be a recognition of a sisterhood. although now, that is not enough for me, casting passing smiles of recognition and so here i am scrounging through blogs and other writings, parched for a sisterhood. inshallah, my wish is coming to fruition. it is well. be well, sis.


  2. Salama alykum sister,
    I know you are on a hiatus, but when you come back i would like to invite you to contribute to my blog. I do not edit submissions for content so you have no fear that I would skew your words, inshallah. Either way please take a look at it, its very new but I am hopeful that it will be a wonderful experiment.



  3. My wife and I met in semi-traditional circumstances. We certainly didnt date and were never together alone until w got married, although we did have a chance to get to know either other through meeting with family and months of e-mails and a few thousand hours on the phone.

    Historically Muslim husbands and wives have loved each other. I think the greatest monument to love was built by a Muslim man in memory of his wife, Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife after her death. I doubt there is another memorial to a loved one that can match it.


  4. salamualaikum sister

    Honestly, i was at the 1st time..quiet afraid to say hello in here by the titlle you put there..

    But thenn..

    Hello and salam from malaysia..

    i ll come back to read your stuff


  5. Hi from Mexico…
    I’ve been reading your blog since a few minutes ago, but i’m surprised about finding someone as intelligent as you. I admire you by your way to explain the things with reasonable arguements and a firm decision. You are a person i would love to meet.
    Honestly it’s a little bit to understand all the blog because english is not my native language but i do my best effort.
    Sorry i have nothing very interesting to say but i just wanted to congratulate you.
    I also want to wish you the best, have a great time!


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