Support Muslim Women Artists

Sometimes we starving students and artists have to make personal appeals from our community for financial support. Your prayers and well wishes help, but sometimes chipping in $10 here or $15 can make a huge difference by bringing some ease to a struggling student/artst’s life. I’m asking you to make a difference by contributing to the artistic and cultural production of the American Muslim community.

We should invest in our youth and youth leaders who are working hard towards creating something positive. This is why it is important that we stand behind the development of our artistic and intellectual community. There are many talented people in the American Muslim community, creating music, producing films, painting, writing calligraphy, writing plays, novels, and poetry. These artists remind us that despite the strife and troubles in the world that there is still beauty and meaning. But often when these artists and thinkers who illustrate and tell our story and share our cultural heritage receive little support. Muslim women are often overlooked because they have less access to leadership and those who do invest and support worthwhile projects. Despite this, they are striving to contribute to the community in many ways.

It is often humbling to ask for support, but awhile back I learned of a sister who could really use your help for an upcoming project. Sister Kameelah is a brilliant young woman who is graduating from Stanford with an MA from the school of education. Not only is she a teacher, she also a talented writer and artist who uses photography and other media. According to her blog, she is raising funds to buy an important piece of equipment for a multi-site photography and writing project about young women. Her locations will be Detroit, India, Bangladesh and South Africa. That’s right, she will be linking women’s lives in three continents and all she needs about $600 to make it happen.

Please show that young Muslim women artists with $1, $5, $25 or whatever you can. Please check out her blog, Kameelah Writes and make a contribution .

Jazak Allah kheir.

2 thoughts on “Support Muslim Women Artists

  1. Thanks for mentioning this. I think many of us will respond, once we find out about the creative people among us. Thank you again for spreading the word.


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