Aftershocks: Benazir Bhutto


BBC’s Benazir Bhutto obituary

Many of us Muslims who are not deeply involved in politics have been following what’s going on in Pakistan. I shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news of Bhutto’s assassination. To me, this is a sign of the madness that we ae facing in the Muslim world. Bhutto had barely escaped an terrorist bomb, but she wasn’t able to dodge the bullets this time. One friend noted that Muslims have not learned how to peacefully transfer power. This is an ominous sign (as if we didn’t have enough already), that there are Muslims who deal with political opposition using murder, terrorism, and violence. We really need to go back to the drawing board, to get back to basics. This is why we need Muslim scholars and thinkers to begin to address political and social issues. Otherwise, we are headed into chaos.

9 thoughts on “Aftershocks: Benazir Bhutto

  1. Altho I cringe when ppl point to others when trying to excuse their own shortcomings, Muslim societies don’t exist in a vacuum!

    The West has always backed Pakistan’s military dictatorships when they came to power – myopically looking for stability (this has also happened in many other countries).

    Obviously Pakistanis are chiefly responsible for what’s happening in their own country, but it’s about time the West learns from past mistakes too.


  2. Margari, I too am shocked and saddened. You would think that after watching the chaos on the world stage for so long, some people would learn something. Muslims do not know how to transfer power which makes you wonder their intentions for seeking it in the first place. I think therein lies the root of the problem, the people who want the power are not fit for the job, and those that are, know what a responsibility it is. We can only hope that those who know its an amana actually assume these positions in the future. As for now and the future of Pakistan, while this was a blow, I really hope they don’t let it spiral out of control. That is the last thing we need- another crisis.


  3. It goes without saying there are ghost players at work(national interest is one). These leaders know they are puppets on a string and won’t be allowed to eat at the big table should they decide to free themselves.




  5. It is unfair to blame any killings in this region as the bye product of Islamic Intolerance. The fact is that the culture of this region is more inspired from tribalism than Islam. Unfortunately, such heinous crimes in the region always entered in the book of Islam by western scholars. Either western intellectuals failed to understand Islam or Muslim world have n’t made any efforts to communicate with them.


  6. National and international interests are def at play here. I wonder if we will ever get the full story of the politics and intrigue surrounding this situation.

    Unfortunately, the news is all too fickle: the tragic loss of Bhutto and 23/24 other people’s lives is what reigns on the channels for now, but just until something else carries our attention away (new Year’s ball drop, perhaps ;-/




    “There is a group of you who propagated the lie. Do not suppose it to be bad for you; rather it is good for you. Every one of them will incur the evil he has earned and the one who took it on himself to amplify it will receive a terrible punishment. (Surat an-Nur: 11)”


    In the world we live in a problem exists that is threatening social peace and harmony in every nation big or small: moral degeneration. In other words, people have forsaken moral qualities like being good, righteous, honest, forgiving, just, compassionate and honorable, in exchange for immorality and have chosen amorality as a life philosophy.
    The common view, which is true to some extent, that moral degeneration is an inevitable occurrence caused by the bad living conditions prevailing in society, does not provide a clear picture in relation to the causes and solutions to the problem because it fails to take into account a fundamental reality. It views social collapse as an independent phenomenon governed by its own internal processes, whereas the moral degeneration experienced in many countries of the world is deliberately directed and supported by a powerful body of people held together by a complex network of intricate relations and nefarious connections. IT IGNORES THE SOURCE HIZB UL SHAITAN.This party
    Of satan is behind the scene of all chaos.

    Education projects, seminars and campaigns, run by either the state or various non-governmental organizations aim to curb the effect of moral degeneration. However, these efforts have mostly failed to have a lasting effect. Moral degeneration is gaining momentum by the day because solutions are being sought in the wrong places and therefore these efforts end up in a vicious circle.
    The most important reason for this vicious circle is that those groups or individuals seeking to combat decadence fail to appreciate the degree to which it is being purposely encouraged and directed. MUSLIMS have no excuse because we have the QURAN and the example of PROPHET MUHAMMAD (S.A.W).
    He Stated That The Qur’an Was Good News And Guidance For Muslims
    A relevant verse reads:
    Say: “The Holy Spirit brought it down from your Lord in truth, to reassure the faithful, and to give guidance and good news for the Muslims.” ( Surat an-Nahl, 102)

    The Prophet (saas) also stressed the importance of obedience in the hadiths: “Whoever obeys me, obeys Allah, and whoever disobeys me, disobeys Allah, and whoever obeys the ruler I appoint, obeys me, and whoever disobeys him, disobeys me.” (Sahih Bukhari) For this reason, obedience to the messenger is at the heart religion and showing this obedience surely comes about through strict submissiveness to the issues conveyed by messengers.
    Occasionally members of the party of satan can find themselves face to face with events which threaten to expose their wicked way of life. Considered to be very dangerous in cases like these, one of their most commonly used tactics is to resort to assignation in order to save themselves. The UMMAH surely remembers UMAR (R.A) UTHMAN (R.A) and ALI (R.A) .These brave companions were killed by the enemies of Haqq.Today we have seen the maryrtodom of many Muslims who stood against BATIL.
    Everyone who has studied the situation knows the West brought Bhutto back to serve their interest. Islam is a perfect system that has no need of democracy. The Qur’an’s description of Satan’s behavior reveals the diabolical nature of this strategy. Satan too is a creature who lies, throws tantrums, provokes and confuses people with his trickery:
    Do you not see that We send the satans against those who disbelieve to goad them on? (Qur’an, 19: 83)
    Stir up any of them you can with your voice and rally against them your cavalry and your infantry and share with them in their children and their wealth and make them promises! The promise of Satan is nothing but delusion. (Qur’an, 17: 64)
    Here is how shaitan works today

    1) A government creates and takes advantage of a problem or crisis (terrorism is the perfect example).
    2) After news media repetition, the population reacts by asking the government to fix the problem.
    3) The government finally offers the solution, which was planned long before the crisis was created

    Creating a lie too seemingly absurd to have been contrived that everyone will have to believe its true is the principle behind the Big Lie theory. The opposite of that is creating a reality so absurd that no one will believe it. The latter is the guiding principle behind government “Black Ops.”
    Normally dismissed by rational people as the product of an overactive imagination, the existence of “Black” operations, or the intelligence operations of a government to inflict violence and destruction upon its citizens (or those of a friendly country) to create a pretext for desired military intervention, has been documented in recent history.
    Take Operation Northwoods. According to an ABC News report on November 7, 2001, “In the early 1960s, America’s top military leaders reportedly drafted plans to kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba.” Certainly there are those in the intelligence and political establishments who value the utility of “Black” intelligence ops, especially when the stakes are so high: the seizure of the world’s wealth and resources, empire building, global economic superiority, and cultural imperialism. A country that touts itself as a beacon for human rights and the rule of international law and legitimacy cannot launch attacks against other countries without a pretext. So, if one doesn’t exist, it must be created.
    The lady was corrupt and was convicted in at least one country outside of Pakistan . The idea that she was a solution to the problems, rather than actually part of the problem, is a joke.
    Take a look at the picture below. No, it is not a mosque, it is not a shrine built to a holy man, a saint, nor is it a cathedral, it is the tomb built for her father and where she is now buried.
    In country where millions do not have enough to eat, in a country where there is little or no access to healthcare for the masses, her family spent millions to build what looks like a miny Taj Mahal to cover the place where one man is built.
    You can ignore the fact that building such buildings for the dead is haram in Islam, but you’d also have to ignore the fact that the millions and millions used to build the place was probably stolen from the poor of Pakistan .
    Also there was an Israeli connection. Israeli media reports on Friday revealed that slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto intended to establish official relations with the Jewish state if elected and was seeking Mossad protection in the interim.

    Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert grieved over Bhutto’s assassination following an election rally on Thursday, and said that upon her return to Pakistan in October after years of exile Bhutto conveyed to him via a mutual acquaintance that she wanted close ties between Israel and Pakistan .

    The Hebrew daily newspaper Ma’ariv further revealed that Bhutto had asked Israel ‘s Mossad spy agency, along with the CIA and Britain ‘s Scotland Yard, to help protect her in the run-up to Pakistan ‘s January 8 election. Bhutto complained that current Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf was trying to make her an easy target for assassination by not allowing her to use adequate protective measures.

    According to the report, Israel ‘s Foreign Ministry was in favor of aiding Bhutto, though the government ultimately decided against it for fear of angering the Musharraf regime and upsetting relations with neighboring India , a close ally of Israel engaged in an ongoing bitter confrontation with Pakistan .

    Israeli leaders lamented that Bhutto, a popular former prime minister who was twice deposed by authoritarian elements, could have served as a bridge between Israel and the Muslim world.

    Don’t lionize Bhutto – she is NOT what the media is presenting (latest distraction)…an aristocrat who cares for the poor of Pakistan . She did ZERO for them during her two terms as Prime Minister – where she lived in a $50 million dollar mansion. Ms. Bhutto comes from a very wealthy Pakistani family (feudal landlord). She went to Radcliff – Harvard – Oxford .

    The officials in Pakistan (including Prime Minister) live high on the hog amidst such dire poverty! Ms. Bhutto lived in a $50 million dollar mansion, talking about the poor. As Prime Minister she did zero. Just a fact – she’s who the media has created her to be for this MOMENT in time – and people are buying it. Smoke and Mirrors rules the day.

    Before becoming maudlin over her death (any death is tragic – many others died besides her) – you should take the TIME to read what Democracy Now (one semi-trusted news source) and the interview with Tarqui Ali (Pakistani historian). Tarqui should know – NOT these talking PR heads on TV who has never been to Pakistan !

    Also, if you want to be informed (Google) take the time to read the in-depth (great) expose that was done Jan 9,1998 – New York Times, ‘House of Graft: Tracing the Bhutto Millions’. Now there’s a story for you –$1.3 billion siphoned out of Pakistan by Bhutto (husband Asif Zardari) – documented by Swiss accounts – investigations by Interpol – France – Spain – and the UK . Ms. Bhutto’s husband was known as Mr. 10% because of the graft he took on all government contracts!
    They have homes everywhere – including a 350 acre estate in the UK , a mansion in Dubai on the Arabian Sea , etc. It is astounding (at least to me) the intrigue and corruption (from everywhere) that goes on in these deals. Musharraf granted Bhutto, her husband, associated politicians and bureaucrats involved in this vast money-laundering (theft from Pakistan) a full Presidential pardon (amnesty) which would ‘unlock’ the countless millions they have stashed in various accounts as determined by investigations done by numerous countries. You KNOW he didn’t grant the pardons without a GREEN light from the BIG BOYS (global). This was a Made for TV Martyrdom.
    Would that there had been more people with a vestige of good among the generations of those who came before you, who forbade corruption in the earth, other than the few among them whom We saved… (Qur’an, 11: 116)

    We need Muslim leaders who fear ALLAH. Covetousness for the world accounts for people’s cruelties and immoralities. The main worry of many people is about becoming poor, or having no guarantee of their future. These concerns essentially explain why bribery, corruption, theft, false witnessing and prostitution become ways of life for many people. For someone who has faith in Allah, however, the approval of Allah is over and above everything else. Such a person avoids anything that will cause him to lose the approval of Allah. In his heart, he only harbors fear of Allah; neither death, nor hunger, nor any other hardship can divert him from the right path.
    Consequently, no matter what the circumstances, a person having fear of Allah never deviates from the Qur’an. Equally, he is trustworthy. He always acts conscientiously. Having a profound sense that Allah sees and hears everything, he does not attempt to act against his conscience even when alone.
    ALLAH SAYS …Those who misappropriate will arrive on the Day of Rising with what they have misappropriated. Then every self will be paid in full for what it earned. They will not be wronged. Is someone who pursues the pleasure of Allah the same as someone who incurs displeasure from Allah and whose refuge is Hell? What an evil destination! (Surah Ali ‘Imran: 161-162)


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