Wind Beneath My Wings

Yes, I saw the movie Beaches several times. And I cried when Barbara Hershey died. I really liked Bette Midler’s song “Did you ever know that you’re my heroooooooooo? You’re everything I would like to beeeeeeeeeee?” I liked it so much that whenever I think about my favorite show “Heroes” Bette Midler’s voice rings in my head.

I normally don’t watch network television. In fact for a few years I didn’t have a t.v. However when I got back from my first trip from Morocco, I think I sat for three days in front of the t.v. watching the C.S.I. marathon.

Maybe it was about decompressing and the culture shock of being back. Maybe it was about the profound changes that I was going through. But when I got to campus we had cable for a year. Then, it was off and I watched P.B.S. for another year. I’d get all excited about Masterpiece theatre. Then, my roommate got cable, not because she particularly liked zoning out, but because we needed cable internet access. So, there I was with basic cable. I was hooked to HGTV. I watched MTV, VH-1, and of course C.S.I. I preferred the Vegas over the Miami. But I’d watch Miami just because of Alex Rodrigues. Yes, even David Caruso grew on me.

Truthfully, I’m very ashamed of my tv viewing habits. Yes, I saw all of Flavor of Love and I Love New York. I was appalled, but still glued to it. My t.v. viewing habits became the polar opposite of my other pursuits. My writing and research was so intellectually challenging, I found t.v. a time to dumb my mind. Most shows I found stupid or corney. I always had a disdain for network television. I tried to get into Lost. But I found the plot lines far fetched, I wanted to fast forward to figure out the mysteries. Mainly, I felt like they were pulling my leg in order to get me to watch the show for the entire season. So, when I saw previews for Heroes, I had my doubts.

Then, I watched the first episode on Sci-Fi. Yes I watched Sci-Fi and even saw the marathon Battle Star Gallactica. But after the second episode of Heroes I was hooked. Monday nights, I rushed home to watch it. Sad thing was that during the mid season break, I was able to attend the Monday night Muslim Student Action Network meetings. But when the show came back on, I couldn’t deal with the pixelated choppy online version. I couldn’t break away and I don’t have Tivo. I know it is a weak excuse, sigh.

One of the things that made me sad about leaving the states for abroad was that I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch Heroes. My friend said I could get episode on iTunes. But I couldn’t find them. I began searching online and YouTube had them. Of course the connection is slow. So, I’d line up 6 YouTube videos to download and wait. It has become a Monday night treat for me. On my computer, in a room, somewhere in the Middle East, a Muslim American girl is viewing pirated shows. The trade off is that the video quality sucks. It sucked so bad that I was unable to recognize Peter when they found him in the boxcar shipping container. I really didn’t recognize him at all until maybe the next episode. He looks less nerdy and more cut, but that’s Peter Petrelli all right.

Besides Heroes, I go online to watch Little Mosque on the Prairie. Season 2 is better, but it is still corney and kind of funny. Well, if anyone has any suggestions for Arabic Fushah tv viewing hit me up. I really need to immerse myself in this language. That means less time blogging and more time painfully reading Arabic. I have been trying with radio, some internet sites and Arabic t.v. As for Arabic t.v., I’m still waiting for my antenna to be connected. But I’m nearing the end of the Ramadan serial about the Abbasid court, “Ibna al-Rasheed: al-Ameen wal-Mamoon” (Sons of al Rasheed). I like the costumes and some of the messed up historical references. But the lip synching sucks. And I can’t get over the fact that some of the major Arab actresses have Michael Jackson noses. And they really could have worked on getting more extras in the big crowd scenes. I’m also wondering about why the only person who got the beat down was a woman. It was like the director relished in the scene where Aziza’ husband gave her a serious beat down. After 28 episodes, I am really hoping Mamoon grows some cojones and stops crying all the time. I know Arab serials don’t have the same big budgets as shows like heroes. But they can be fun ways of accessing the language. Anyways, I suppose I’m procrastinating. I’ll have to limit my blogging and email correspondence and focus on this Arabic. Maybe I’ll have to cut out Heroes. ohhhhhhhhh the pain. But this year is passing by fast. I’ve already been here two months. That means 10 more months… Can you believe it?

8 thoughts on “Wind Beneath My Wings

  1. Kindred spirit almost…I loooooved Heroes last season. Peter Petrelli oh my! But then I can’t watch more than 30 seconds of David Caruso without wanting to retch so….it’s the original CSI or nothig!
    This year I decided to cut my cable…no more Girlfriends, Heroes or CSI – actually no more tv. It was a long time coming – I have an addicitive personality I think and I was getting out of hand ๐Ÿ™‚
    But can you really download Heroes on youtube? Hmmmmm…..


  2. I have was explaining to my friend the other day why Heroes is one of the absolutely best network television shows out right now (she thinks its just a television version of X-men… Whatever!!!!!!)…lol. (incidentally, House is just as good, but in a different way)

    But, since you’re trying to get on the Fus’ha train, I found that watching the religious channels was o.k./helpful (well, the Arabic there was generally clearer than other programs. But, you probably view them anyway). They may not be as interesting as the serials, but some of the call in shows might be interesting.


  3. Salaam,

    I love Lost, Battlestar Galactica, House and am looking forward to watching Heroes (Season 1) this week. We deliberately don’t have cable & in hilly SF that means you get no reception at all. So we simply wait for things to come out on DVD and hope we can avoid spoilers!

    Too much TV drains the brain but a few well-written & acted shows are stimulating – & anyway, everyone needs some downtime, right? ๐Ÿ™‚



  4. Salaam Alaikum,

    I love Beaches too. I also like to know I’m not the only Muslim who watches tv. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not to stop you from doing good, but your blogging is on top form lately!


  5. assalaamu alaikum,

    you can watch episodes of hereos directly from, plus, there are sites out there (can’t think of them now, but they all have hereos in the name) where you can actually download eps.

    I can’t get into CSI, I used to love it, that is until my wife started bashing it, lol! She was a lab technician, a couldn’t understand how someone pouring some liquid into a spray bottle and actually spraying it could warrant such dramatic music.

    BTW, what do you think of the rosetta stone software for learning arabic?


  6. Salaam alaikum everyone,

    Irisblue, is it me or has Peter stepped it up this season? If he existed in real life he would definitely be a dawa project. haha Oh by Gosh! and Girlfriends? Yes, that show was addictive. Speaking of addictive personality, I am compulsive too. That’s probably why I don’t have too many hobbies. I really get into them. I used to be a big fan of Japanese anime. My hobby got a bit carried away.

    Gazelle du Sahara,
    I don’t have cable yet, but I’m looking forward to getting some religoius channels. You’re right, they are much clearer. I listen to Islamic programming on Kuwaiti radio.

    I liked Battle Star Gallactica too. The only thing that bothered me was that people were falling in love all over the place. I mean, they were even falling in love with the enemy. Maybe it is just me the sour puss, but I just don’t think people fall in love that easy. I liked the few episodes of House too. Great opening song, I love Massive Attack.

    Thank you. I am going to focus on quality over quantity. Maybe I can find a way to write short thoughtful pieces as opposed to long winding works. But I plan to keep it up. But Kuwait is so boring for me right now that I don’t have much to say.

    Many of us Muslims get the moral smackdown from our co-religionists for doing anything other than reading Quran. It was a painful admission that I watch such lame shows. Might I add that somehow I was pulled into The Hills. I dunno, something about the life of young mildly attractive white women with absolutely no financial worries intrigues me.

    You can’t get the videos on outside the U.S. Yes, CSI annoys me. What lab gets that involved in criminal cases. They always get people to convince when they are faced with mountains of circumstantial evidence. Plus, almost every crime is solved. But being that Alex Rodrigues is kind of hot and intellectual, I think he is a first rate dawah project.


  7. I love myself some Adam Rodriguez as well, so I am there with ya girl! Thanks for adding me to your Blogroll– you inspired me to start my own.



  8. Salaams Aziza. I’m soo addicted to Heroes it aint even right. I watched the whole first season online. Picture was superclear – basically as good as if I popped in a DVD on the cpu. I watched them all on but I noticed that not all the epidodes are posted anymore so u can maybe also try and search there.


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