Two foiled car bombs and a flaming car rammed into an airport terminal. Hundred could have been killed this weekend. It is frightening that it didn’t take police work to foil these attacks. Instead, they were botched only because of the grace of God. I wish someone could have swayed the people from these impotent tactics. I wish someone could have channeled the angry men and women’s energy to do something productive with their lives. They imagine that they are doing something for a greater cause. If only our leaders found a way to speak to their malcontent, but they do little to better the lives of the poor and suffering. If only they lived for others, rather tha

The events in London seems like an incredible stroke of luck (or rather what we Muslims call Qadr). Unforunately, terrorists are more successful in Iraq. While we think about all the lives that have been saved, we should be reminded that the most vulnerable people are the Muslim civilians living and residing in the Muslim world.