Top Searches that People Used to Find My Site Today

Sometimes, I wonder what is the intention of the people who google “Why you shouldn’t marry a black woman”? Was the searcher a man? Was it a woman? Were they black? Were they joking? Or do they have beef with black women? What do they think of what I have to say? Or has gendered racism prevented them from valuing anything that I have to contribute?

When I think of the people who visit my site I wonder if they have been weighted down by the same issues that have made my life feel heavy? Do I help give voice to something that they had trouble articulating? Is my blog divisive? What about those readers that I challenge? How mad do I make them? Well, I don’t feel bad because I make someone angry when I express my own subjective position. I am angry, and there should be a whole bunch more people angry about injustice and deceit. I have always had my identity and my personal choices tested, questioned, and challenged. Learning can be painful, as many of my undergrad students will attest to. Students have their presuppositions challenged, they get tested and critiqued, they have to stay up late at night trying to make sense out of seemingly incomprehensible problem sets and dense readings. Maybe some of those who visit my site find something reflected back at them that they don’t like. Some may find a reflection that affirms the struggle they have been going through. Ultimately, I hope to give speak for the voice-less, the groups whose voices have been submerged by the dominant narrative.

Search Views
ethnic self hatred African American 2
jamerican muslimah blog 2
darfur african muslims 1
what is jerri curl weave 1
bi racial babies features 1
why you shouldn’t marry a black woman 1
islam depression single 1
sometimes your best isn’t good enough 1
tafilelt 1
men like light skinned women 1

6 thoughts on “Top Searches that People Used to Find My Site Today

  1. assalamu alikeum

    I found your site through Umar’s blog when you posted there. Glad i did cos you got a cool blog and most of you say sums up my own thoughts and seeing as im too lazy to get my own, i’ll just let you do the writing for the both of us instead 😛 (i kid lol)


  2. Walaikum salaam,
    Welcome Muslim Gal, I look forward to reading what you have to say. I’m glad I started writing because it helps remind me that I’m not crazy. The things I’ve observed are real and other sisters are experiencing them too.


  3. I found your site when I googled “interracial relationships blog.” I do this every once in a while to gage the ever changing general opinion of interracial relationships. I’m all for interracial relations and I encourage it. I’m black, although, I’m not sure how much of my ancestry is “African” since I get a lot of Indian, Black , and White men asking me if I’m part East Indian. Glad I found your blog though, I definitely plan to keep exploring your site.


  4. I found your blog Googling “interracial” “blog” “black woman”. It’s uplifting to read that people in IR relationships are NORMAL, lol, not weird like people who look at them/us do.


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