Mediterranean Wraps

I’m hosting a newly admitted Stanford student this weekend. Asya is young, vivacious and absolutely adorable, plus we have a lot in common. Having a million things to do (many of which I am procrastinating on right now). She is a vegetarian, so I decided the restaurant to take her is Mediterranean Wraps. Another history grad student, Megan, who was also vegetarian joined us. The restaurant has lots of Veggie stuff, plus the meat is halal and I’m trying to eat halal (although I fall off often especially if my mom cooks). The owner is friendly, always giving his customers extra tea, falafel, something. This is the restaurant on California Ave next to the rug shop that is downstairs from the Mosque. We pull into the front of the store, and I saw Ibrahim! He was getting food to go, but Asya, Megan and I sat down to eat. We ended in some radical conversation about food production, globalization and development schemes. But Ahmad and his friend Abdullah happened to come in and they lightened up the conversation. So, while we were all chatting, Khaleel from the history department dropped by. Funny thing is that Jamal from across the Bay introduced me to the place a few months ago. So, for a year I didn’t know that Mediterranean wraps keeps it crackin on Sunday nights.

**All names have been altered to protect the identities of the persons involved.

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