…is the day my mother was born.* You know how kids always say their mom is the most beautiful mom in the whole world. Well mine is, really. The last time I saw her was Christmas eve. It was the videocam when we skyped. And she was absolutely radiant. It is not easy being so far from family. I’ve been away six months. Nothing I miss more than my mom’s voice and of course her cooking. In fact, I miss us cooking together and our long talks in the kitchen. I just wanted to share today, how much I love my mom. Please keep me and my family, and especially my mom, in your prayers. 

*And a few other very special people. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Today…

  1. Salaam ‘alaykum dear,

    Happy birthday to the beautiful mother of a beautiful daughter! 🙂

    May Allah grant that your sweet longing for each other is fulfilled in each other’s embrace before too much longer!



  2. Salaam’Alaikum Sister Azizah:

    May Allah, Yal-Rahman, grant your mother many, many, many more years upon the earth.–Ameen

    I’m glad you treasure every moment! Ma’sha’Allah

    Sister Seeking


  3. Salaam,

    Happy late birthday to a wonderful woman who gave birth to such an insightful woman…and also happy birthday to me…….lol


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