Hot Girls in Kuwait

With all the allure of oil wealth, big eyes, mascara, sexy shoes, and flowing robes yes Kuwait has hot girls. Besides my Maghribiphile tendencies, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Khaliji style. Kuwait has hot girls and I have found out how quickly I’ve become one of them.

By hot, I mean literally and figuratively. It’s crazy hot here, I mean like beyond Kalahari desert hot. You walk outside and it feels like you stepped into a dryer. That heat hits you like when you open up the oven and stick your head in. Only everyday, walk into an oven. Even at midnight it can range between 111 to 105 degrees. I wear abaya here and hijab here. Underneath I have another layer or regular clothes. I try to wear something light, but it doesn’t matter after 100 degrees you can’t tell the difference. It’s just hot. No wonder why they thought of hell fire in this region. That sun pounds you. To make things worse, men get to rub it in our faces as they rock some infinitely cooler white fits. My black and navy blue hijabs and abayas attract all the rays.

With the sun baking you all day, it is natural that you’d see sun-block at the stores. I’ve seen the highest SPF value that I’ve ever seen in my life. You can get SPF 55 here. I’ve also seen sun-block/fading creame. Women come in all shades here. Some skin tones are more natural and others not so much. All over the Middle East, Fair and Lovely is sold all over the place. It is becoming easier to spot the women who are addicted to fading creme. I remember the first time I saw a woman who had achieved that perfect Michael Jackson skin-tone. You can also see the foundation caked on, shades lighter than a neck (Kuwaitis have achieved a loose style of hijab that manages to stay on) or hands.

I’m slowly getting my bearings straight here. Life in Kuwait is surreal. Everything seems so orderly especially compared to my brief stint in Cairo. Everything is new, I don’t think I’ve seen a building over 40 years old. My friend reminded me that I exchanged the Cairene rate race for the mall. I had to run to the Mac store at the mall, so I had my first taste of Kuwaiti mall life. I saw Khaliji women in Egypt and you can spot them a mile away. They have these big lumps holding up their scarves. A lot wear a ton of make-up, like they get lost in the M.A.C. wharehouse or something. Most women wear hijab and abayas or chadors. There are hijab wearing women with skin tight clothes. And the women love flashy to tacky high heeled shoes. I’ve even seen bedazzled cheap heals at the discount market. Maybe the poorer Kuwaitis are trying to keep up with those who can afford Manolo and Jimmy Choo or Shoe or whatever his name is. I’m not going to hate, because I love shoes. But dang, they took it to the next level. So, I spotted a number of ‘ho shoes beneath some abaya or even chador. I’ve seen women in niqab rocking florescent blue eye-shadow. Women rock the nicest shoes to run a simple errand or do a little midnight shopping on a Monday night.

One of the things that I do admire is that even though many Kuwaiti women wear tent-like chadors or loose enough abayas to conceal their “adornments” for their husbands and family members, they do keep themselves up. It is easy to let youself go and not have any body issues when you spend most of your public life all covered up. But seeing them shop at H&M and the M.A.C. store reminded me that there are hot Muslim women all over the world who love being beautiful.

33 thoughts on “Hot Girls in Kuwait

  1. I lived all my life in Kuwait, and the fact that you would say there are HOT girls in Kuwait is under estimating them, they are SUPER SUPER hot …
    because Kuwaiti girls,women,boys,men are all used to being spoiled and they are known to be the most stylish and up to date in fashion and all sort of STYLE …
    they were born to impress this is what i believe and most of them are very religious but that wouldn’t stop them from having the best in any occasion ๐Ÿ™‚ now that my dear is Kuwaiti Style (they get the best because they are the best) lols


  2. it’s nice how you say that temptation is all around, yet they do make the effort to cover up. it amazes me too when i first met some arab sisters. in public they always wore their jilbabs and hijabs. one day i was invited to an all-women luncheon and the hostess was wearing a customised, hand-painted chinese batik butterfly top.

    ok i don’t know what it was called, but it looked awesome and she looked gorgeous. either way she dressed she looked super beautiful.


  3. Thanks for sharing your perspectives on the “rich” Middle East. The commentary here on women’s dress is an interesting contrast with the hijab thread and with the idea of humility/keeping one’s religious focus.

    On another note, (in a purely logistical sense), I would love to hear how you hold up during Ramadaan there. 105 degrees with an abaya? big ups to you and all the sisters for that.


  4. Hold up during Ramadan? Most people in the Middle East sleep the whole day only to wake up right before prayers and time to eat.

    The bigger question is how do you do Ramadan in the Middle East and not gain 10 pounds?


  5. Ummm… fast during the day and sleep at night? LOL. There have to be some people there that don’t need Jenny Craig come ‘Eid.


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  7. It’s true, but apparently what those ladies are doing is against islamic teachings, a woman shouldn’t put on make-up to impress but to her husband, here’s the point, those females go out and they make sure to be noticed, I was never attracted to this “style”.
    Lastly, I don’t know how they mix up between being so religious and wearing tight jeans showing their butts, a type of jeans Pam Anderson didn’t put on yet, I would love to hear from you.


  8. i agree. its against islamic teachings. its ok if the woman wears makeup for her husband but i dont see a point in wearing hihgh heels that attrack and make noise, and makeup that catches peoples attention, or skin-tight jeans that is also against Islam. the only tihng thats okay to wear is Henna and Surma(Kohljati). besides.. why would you want to wear skin tight clothes and makeup and show off how rich you are whn its hot and definitly against Islam?


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  10. You have an interesting perspective, and welcome to Q8. Don’t worry about Ramadhan, the entire country stops. Anything you need done, get it done now.

    The heat and abayas. I’ve done both here, and honestly it is so hot, it doesn’t seem to matter what you’re wearing. Our worst summer since ’62 I just read.

    Don’t stress on your blog title, it caught my eye. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. BTW, you’ve been blessed in the beauty department mashallah. ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. what a fun post… you descrition of the girls in kuwait reminded me of the sisters I saw in dubai… they were hotter than the naked non-muslims in their hijabs and all – i was floored


  12. Salaams,
    So you’re getting to “enjoy” the Khaleeji summer? I spent 6 months (unfortunately, the hotest ones) in Qatar and I can sure relate. Terrible thing is that I had to wear a suit every day. No dishdasha allowed for foreigners, alas. I compared going outside during the day to going on a moon walk. It’s that inhospitable a physical environment during the day. With the humidity, the thing you normally crave during hot weather–a breeze–becomes a freakin’ blowtorch. As for the hotness of the women, the mascara and hennaed wrists caught the eye at times, but that’s about all you see as a guy. The men certainly had a taste for the finer things, I imagine the women were decked out under their abayas (every now and again you get a glimpse, not that I’m straining to look ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I heard from other foreign women that the nationals were really fashion plates behind closed doors.


  13. Hi, thanks for your article, an interesting read.
    My girlfriend will be working as a flight attendant for the new Wataniya Airways in Kuwait.
    But she’s never been there yet and so I’m looking for some information about life there, would anyone mind to share some info via mail ?
    would greatly appreciate it, from both locals and expats.
    Thanks a lot,



  14. This reminds me of a time on a really crowded tube train (London) when this egyptian woman walked on, at first I could tell the middle aged men opposite were getting ready to sneer, but she was incredibly beautiful, literally like an angel, she put all the other women to shame whilst wearing a proper abaya (not a niqab), it was unbelievable. Those stupid men were just silenced in awe and couldnt stop staring but it wasnt pervy leering, she just oozed respect. She literally smashed all their prejudices simply by walking on and in the most respectful way.

    Its always good when racists get punched in their bigoted faces!


  15. hi i am ahmed hassan dashti i am from ku8 i will tell u that i dont feel the hot u r talking about
    and if u saw most of the guys hair they have the style 2
    if u want more information i am at the msn


  16. Hi

    I am from the uk, and was wondering what the laws on having girlfriends are in kuwait? i have just moved here and obviously i respect the culture and wouldnt ‘kiss’ or whatever in public. I am wondering maybe if i could live with my girlfriend, if it were legal? Thanks


  17. hi i am Meshal i am from ku8 i will tell u that i dont feel hot as u r talking about
    and if u see most of the guys here they have the style also
    if u want more information i am at the msn

    come and try it


  18. Salam everyone,

    I am honestly not sure if this thread is still going on or it just died out since the last comment was along time ago. I just wanted to say the hot weather is definately a killer in Kuwait but what i learned from family and relatives that no people walk around unless your crazy. A car and AC is a must every where you go, and people travel without those two things in the winter. The other thing is, I didnt get the chance to see the hot girls you guys are talking about, or maybe I did but i didnt notice. This is unfortunately because I came from Canada recently, and so yopu cant compare girls there to here…..unless they do a live competition in front of me and I be the judge. Hope to hear some of your comments, salam.


  19. Nothing really.. it was a personal experience. I think the heat is waay better than 10 feet of snow. In truth its the dust storms that are the real nuisance..


  20. Ask any American here and they will tell you that Kuqwaitis are like the Beverly Hillbillys. Money does not buy you class and it is very obvious here. a 90k Mercedes sitting in front of a duppy *ass Apartment, how they drive here, and how Men treat Women here…Beverly Hillbillys all over the place!


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